Melissa Cemetery Association

P.O. Box 222

Melissa, TX  75454



Current Cemetery Policies

May 1, 2016


1. A steel vault or concrete liner is required for all burials.

2. Only coffins, caskets or cremation urns will be allowed within the cemetery.

3. Only the designated Grave Service under contract will be allowed to open and close graves. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to dig their own grave.

4. No personal checks will be accepted for the purchase of graves. Only cash or cashier’s checks will be accepted.

5. Temporary grave markers are now required to be provided by the funeral homes and placed at every grave site. We strongly encourage all grave sites be marked with a permanent stone marker that will stand the test of time.

6. All graves will run east to west.

7. The Melissa Cemetery Board maintains the right to conduct business with or refuse to do business with any funeral home at the Board’s discretion.

8. The Melissa Cemetery does not discriminate against any race or religion.


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